Song Ji-Hyo, Today Public Figure Sketch


Song Ji-Hyo, Today Public Figure Sketch

Song Ji-Hyo was born August 15, 1981. She is a Korean actress. I know her first at Frozen Flower, and than i have a bad feeling about her because this movie have many porn part. So i hate all star in that movie. And then i watch Running Man variety show, and this Ace is so smart and beautiful, aihhh. And i want to know more about her, like Princess Hour, although i know this serial but i just know main character, hihi. At least i watch in Jackals are Coming with Jae-Joong, DBSK personal. Running Man is my favorite all about Korea, because it make me laugh when i sad, make me energetic when i’m down, make me happy when i’m alone. So, Song Ji-Hyo is part of my soul. She is a woman but she is courageous, more like me, although i am a tomboy, hehe. She is smart, beauty, best girlfriend all man in the world. Fighting Jihyo eonni!


Radioactive – Imagine Dragons Song



When I saw the title, I was so appreciated, because this is the first song I know which has title like my division, territory, part, work, and study, Nuclear Engineering, hihihi. So glad Imagine Dragons make my wish come true. I think this song concept is like E.T. by Katy Perry, both of them is not contain the true contents/theory/science, but I still so happy, both of them have a little science theory.

Radioactive is United States song, it is a single contained in album “Night Visions” which is release in March 3, 2013. Imagine Dragons is a American indie rock band who has debut in April 2, 2012. Watch its video, so funny, strange, but still cool man… Aihhhihihi


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Lionel Messi, Today Public Figure Sketch


Lionel Messi, Today Public Figure Sketch

Lionel Messi is Barcelona FC player. He won 4 Ballon d’Or or Best Player in the world. He is Argentinian. Although he is still young, he won many trophy in club, but he didn’t play good in his country. He is faithful, he love one woman since teenager, he isn’t playboy like football player with big name, he is calm and don’t have scandal, although he always compare with Cristiano Ronaldo and Maradonna, he don’t care and usually plays well. Salute! Hope i become him if got success.

Ryan Giggs, Today Public Figure Sketch


I like football, hehe. So, today is Ryan Giggs time. I choose him because he become man of the match versus West Ham January 17th in FA Cup. And Sir Alex did not permit him to play versus Tottenham this morning, so Manchester United got draw, so sad, hikz. Giggs was born November 29th, 1973, so this year he is 40 years old, but he doesn’t old anymore when play football, dribbling, shooting, running, his speed not decrease. He is older bro in his team with Paul Scholes. He got many rumor scandal with many woman and his family, i think he is not handsome, but why many women like him? Because he has a big heart, rich, cool, but i like him, too. Because he is Manchester United player, thanks Giggs^^.

Xabi Alonso, Today Public Figure Sketch


Xabi Alonso, Today Public Figure Sketch

Xabi Alonso is Spanian Football Player, he plays in Real Madrid. But I like him since he played in Liverpool when he had dangerous duet with Steven Gerrard. My bro very like Gerrard, but whatever he talk that Gerrard was more contributed, more handsome, captain, etc, i just like Xabi. Although i hate Real Madrid, i still like him and Ronaldo, hehe… Although he have a wife and a daughter, i still like him. He is so charismatic, so romantic, and a man. I hope i can be like you, hard worker.

Sir Alex Ferguson, Public Figure Sketch


Sir Alex Ferguson, Public Figure Sketch

I am Mancunian since i am 14th, first time i just liked it because my friend who i was love is Manchester United fans, but now i am not just fan made, i am a Manchester United lover, my favorite person in MUtd club is its long period coach, Sir Alex Ferguson. He managed since 1986, long time before i was born, in my country he has a love name “Opa Fergy”. He is so discipline, like a father in field and out of that, the senior of all seniors, i am very respect with his contribute of Manchester United got many trophy, got Premier League trophy more than Liverpool did, make Manchester United become a big club. I hope he will make MUtd better and better.

Andres Iniesta, Today Sketch Public Figure


Andres Iniesta

Today public figure is Andres Iniesta, he is Spanish and Barcelona football player. He is 28 years old. His position is midfielder. He got Euro 2012 best player, and UEFA best player this year. I am so glad with his shooting, dribbling, assist, calm. Although his hair is bald, he is so handsome, cool and cute with his small body. I want be his little sister. Fighting Andres, hope you get your best performance this year.