Ryan Giggs, Today Public Figure Sketch

I like football, hehe. So, today is Ryan Giggs time. I choose him because he become man of the match versus West Ham January 17th in FA Cup. And Sir Alex did not permit him to play versus Tottenham this morning, so Manchester United got draw, so sad, hikz. Giggs was born November 29th, 1973, so this year he is 40 years old, but he doesn’t old anymore when play football, dribbling, shooting, running, his speed not decrease. He is older bro in his team with Paul Scholes. He got many rumor scandal with many woman and his family, i think he is not handsome, but why many women like him? Because he has a big heart, rich, cool, but i like him, too. Because he is Manchester United player, thanks Giggs^^.


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