Why Youtube and FA (Football Association) like this?

I just very sad, i dont know what to do, im very want angry and shout like a crazy gandma. Today i got a complain from youtube and FA about copyright my video. At Sunday night i uploaded 3 videos about goals in Manchester derby from tv channel in my country, MNCTV. First video is Rooney goals, second is second half time goals, and third is all goal of derby Manchester. But today complain is for my third video. Why me, why only me, its unfair, for many people reupload official music video, etc, which they are very very very illegal procedure. I just upload from a TV, not a full match, only a best time what im in love with it, but its call illegal? Im not understand a commercial sport procedure to do, but if people can be active to promote a best time with another TV channel want more many to promote it, the poor country which have many people dont have many money (like me) who cant buy a TV Channel Official in Euro which costed more 30US$ and my country bank make it 300,000Rp (Indonesian) cant watch it more and more (i like repeat constanly watch video), its very much hurt me as a fan of Manchester United. I want cried more and more so I cant write anything anymore. Thank you for your attention. 





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